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ShockBoxTV is an international social media brand created by award winning indie-writers/producers Matt Prater and James Tuverson.

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Launched in August, 2012 and boasting thousands of fans via Facebook and Twitter, SBTV develops, produces and promotes engaging content across all mediums including web, film, music, and live events.

SBTV’s premiere series “On Tha Beat!” captures candid interviews with up-and-coming indie-music artists at famous venues around Los Angeles and features 25+ episodes on-demand via Youtube.

SBTV also maintains a full slate of scripted and non-scripted properties in various stages of development and has sincere interest in considering co-production opportunities as well.

For investment and co-production inquiries, please send an email to ShockBoxTV@gmail.com.

Matt Prater

Matt Prater

Matt Prater – Creator/Executive Producer

IMDB Profile – Latest News

e: Matt@ShockBoxTV.com

James Tuverson

James Tuverson

James Tuverson Creator/Executive Producer

IMDB ProfileBlog

e: James@ShockBoxTV.com


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