Cassandra Michaels Premieres New Music Video, “Fighting For Our Love”

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June 25, 2013 by shockboxtv

Up and coming pop star Cassandra Michaels released her first official music video “Fighting For Our Love” or “FFOL.” The video can be seen here. FFOL is available on iTunes now.

Cassandra Michaels is an 19 year old singer, songwriter, and actress. Originally from the Midwest, Cassandra took the leap to Los Angeles to pursue her career at the mere age of 16. “FFOL” is organic with a sassy edge; real music that you can listen to both in the car AND at the club.

Cassandra Michaels on the video: “My goal with ‘Fighting For Our Love’ was to make it one of those timeless songs that can be played anytime, anywhere; something that strikes a chord with you because you can relate. It’s the most personal song I’ve ever recorded and I think that’s what sparked the magic in it. The truth about people is we really only put effort in to fight for the things we deeply care for. I believe everything happens for a reason; we discover the greatest truths through our hardest moments. I learned love is something always worth fighting for, that’s what this song is about.”

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“Fighting For Our Love” on iTunes:



Official site:

Press info provided by Total Assault –>


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