“On Tha Beat!” 1st Annual Unfuck the World Day @ The Bootleg Theater

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June 24, 2013 by shockboxtv


We will try our best to choose wisely the words that can adequately describe how fantastic the 1st Annual “Unfuck the World Day” event turned out to be in Los Angeles on June 8th.


So many great people attended from all walks of life, and the sense of community and support for humanity was equals parts entertaining and completely awesome. From the lyrics of spoken word poets and classical folk music and hard rock bands alike, those who attended left feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to change the world.

Check out the video segment and photo gallery below and kindly share the links with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and beyond. Please also add the links to your next blog post or newsletter and help us continue spreading the message of this remarkable movement to a global audience.

Visit ShockBoxTV –> http://www.shockboxtv.com/

Visit Unfuck the World –> http://www.utwday.org/

Your support of this movement is crucial to the world and eternally appreciated! 



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