Band Review – Attaloss at The Troubadour


February 22, 2013 by shockboxtv


Danny Aguiluz of Attaloss @ The Troubadour

Band-Review-Badge-v1Once in a while, you come across a show with a lineup that’s just made to play together. Such was the haps on Tuesday night at The Troubadour in West Hollywood, featuring headlining band Attaloss, strongly supported by Ocelot Robot (CLICK HERE – OCELOT ROBOT REVIEW) and Armada (CLICK HERE – ARMADA REVIEW).

These three bands were so in synch with the audience and each other, it made for an evening-long party I won’t soon forget. I already wrote about seeing Armada and Ocelot Robot, two equally incredible bands, but this was truly Attaloss’s night to shine and boy did they deliver.

These guys have been on fire touring nationally for more than 6 months and making a major label record through Warner imprint Rock Ridge Music. Attaloss is Danny Aguiluz (vox), Chris Johansen  (guitar), Matt Geronimo (guitar/vox), Lorenzo Perea (bass), and Dakota Clark (drums).

Frontman Danny Aguiluz is a master showman and is mesmerizing to watch as he prowls across the stage. Great vocals feel like a cross between Robert Plant (in ’73) and Eddie Vedder (in ’95). Their tunes are catchy and rowdy and tight and thoroughly energizing, with Aguiluz keeping his audience captivated by his presence.  Also… I loved the way these bands all showed the love to each other and to the audience even off-stage. This show felt like home. I want to see them play together all over again.

Here’s a slide show of pics featuring Attaloss. Keep up with the band via Facebook & Twitter and help spread the word.

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    They are awesome!

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