Band Review — Ocelot Robot at the Troubadour


February 21, 2013 by shockboxtv

Band-Review-Badge-v1It’s no secret, our love affair with the 4-piece band Ocelot Robot; they’re one of the hardest-working bands we know and their look, sound and stage show is testimony to “practice makes perfect.” Every show is cause to celebrate.

It was no different Tuesday night at the world-renowned Troubadour in West Hollywood, when Ocelot Robot was the tasty cream filling between chocolate cookies Armada (CLICK HERE – ARMADA REVIEW) and Attaloss (review currently in the works). Ocelot Robot brought their trademark super high-energy show featuring band mates David Bowick (vox/gtrs), Nate Hertweck (gtrs/vox), Geoff Godfrey (drms/vox) and Marc Mutnansky (bss/vox).

Ocelot Robot at the Troubadour 2-20-13 ©

Ocelot Robot at the Troubadour 2-20-13 ©

Describing their sound, I lift liberally from the band’s FB Page: For all the heavy rock elements (thundering rhythms and distinctive, scintillating guitar work), the songs are threaded with an impeccable pop sensibility. It is a winning combination that yielded a string of hard rock classics including their latest “Lost in L.A.,” “Again & Again,” “Brand New Girl,” “Reckless” and “Give it To Me.”

I can attest, the crowd knew every word of every song that David and his mates belted across the stage. Below is an expanded slideshow of pics, because there were just too many good ones not to post them all. If you have yet to friend/follow these guys, get ‘er done via Facebook and Twitter. You can thank us later.

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