The Little Ones ‘The Dawn Sang Along’ – Album Review

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February 13, 2013 by shockboxtv

317762_10151291596905115_906860212_nBy MATT PRATER  DreamyPlayfulEuphoric. Three words to describe the new album from L.A./San Diego based indie band, The Little Ones. The opening track ‘Argonauts‘ immediately transports me back to a happy childhood filled with tree-climbing excursions and long afternoons spent fishing along the river. The rest of the album keeps me anchored firmly in those memories (with ease) using upbeat rhythms and catchy hooks that have the ability to bring a smile to the face of any listener. Notable tunes include ‘Forro,’ ‘Awol,’ and ‘Ain’t it Like You & Me.’

398266_10150751002730115_1012060287_nThe Little Ones is made up of members Lee LaDouceur, Kevin Lenhart, Ian Moreno, Brian Reyes, Ed Reyes, and Ryan Wilson. Formed in ’05, they released their debut EP ‘Sing Song‘ in the Spring of ’06 and have kept fans patiently waiting for new music ever since.

Get a listen (pro bono) to the entire album ‘The Dawn Sang Along’ until Feb 18th by CLICKING HERE. Grab a copy of the album for your collection via iTunes (11 tracks!) by CLICKING HERE. You can keep up with the band via Facebook and Twitter.

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