Album Review – “NEIGHBORS” by KND: Kids Next Door

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February 1, 2013 by shockboxtv

602428_443997285664443_1581125478_nBy MATT PRATER

Kids Next Door, a talented hip hop duo from Albuquerque, New Mexico recently launched their sophomore effort, an eleven song mix-tape titled NEIGHBORS. Fronted by Benz Shelton and Nick Nuvo, sharp-witted rappers from the “post Eminem” era (minus the anger issues) have found a smooth balance between old school rhythms and entertaining rhymes reminiscent of the days when Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie were carving their paths, albeit with less of a crooked finger aimed at social issues and more of a crooked grin aimed at childhood friends hanging out across the street.


What I dig most about this collaborative effort between the aforementioned duo and a handful of talented indie producers is that the music itself has the legs to carry the listener straight through to the very last beat. Quite a feat in today’s hip hop market, where everything playing on the radio sounds like it was assembled by the same bubble-gum factory and leaves one praying for an early-nineties hip hop resurrection. Public Enemy and Run DMC, where you at?

379333_361000017297504_998365103_nNotable tracks on NEIGHBORS include Charlie Bartlett (Prod. Chuck Inglish), Trading Post Trail (Prod. Inspecta Morze), Picket Fence ft. Gaddo Spekk Takk (Prod. Dimes), and Say You Like Me (Prod. Peet).

Grab a listen pro-bono by CLICKING HERE.  Visit KND on Facebook by CLICKING HERE and Youtube by CLICKING HERE.

Your comments = welcomed below.  Hit me up via with any mix-tape or music artist suggestions.


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