Kick A$$ Band of the Week — Ruby Eyes

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January 29, 2013 by shockboxtv

2013-Logo-v16The suits at ShockBoxTV impose a strict deadline of Monday nights to get the Kick A$$ Band of the Week published, so I am delaying release until Tuesday noon-ish.  Those precious extra hours go right into making the column EVEN BETTER, I tell ya!  This week’s Kick A$$ Band is Ruby Eyes, a Los Angeles-based 4 member rock band that’s been getting attention for a while and is poised to get a lot more.  The creative nucleus here is bassist Yutaka Sao, formerly of

Ruby Eyes

the widely-popular band The Deadlies, so Sao’s music’s been heard all over the world.  Yutaka formed Ruby Eyes in 2011 with guitarist Nikolaj Bang and drummer Chris Dunn, whom he’d wanted to collaborate with since his “Deadlies” days.  Lead singer Tim Johnson came on board and Matt Coatsworth has now assumed the drum throne, making the current lineup. (Update: Nikolaj Bang had to go back to Denmark, so Michael O’Grady is now fulltime guitarist for the band.)

"Scarlet Havoc", the EP from Ruby Eyes

“Scarlet Havoc”, the EP from Ruby Eyes

Ruby Eyes has a new EP called Scarlet Havoc, freshly minted and avail in the Ushe places, but you can hear the songs for free on the band’s Youtube (along with lyrics; we love it when bands do this and the fans do too!!)  Already the songs are being picked up by radio stations all over the place, here and internationally.  You can also check out their video “Chance City”, and that’ll give a solid snapshot of of what these guys can do.  Ruby Eyes has the right look and the right sound for success–we also love that the band regularly posts vids of rehearsals and recording sessions so we can get to know the band members when they’re not performing, too.  So give Ruby Eyes a listen and we’ll keep an eye out for their next performance!


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