Hunter & The Dirty Jacks ROCK to Feed the Homeless

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January 28, 2013 by shockboxtv

Once in a while you hear a story about a band that just blows you away because of how cool it is and you find yourself hoping a couple of things transpire: 1) people recognize the band for how cool it is and come out to support the band and its music, and 2) the band’s actions inspire other music artists to raise awareness for themselves by likewise giving back to their community.

Hunter and The Dirty Jacks performin' at Harvelle's

Hunter and The Dirty Jacks performin’ at Harvelle’s

It is our pleasure to introduce a kick ass rock/blues band that is not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk, Hunter & The Dirty Jacks.

Hunter Ackerman (vox/gtr), Sean Soto (lead gtr), Jon Siembieda (gtr), Aaron Barnes (bss) and Brian Lara (drms.) make up this incredibly talented group of musicians.

Albeit a relatively new band (they have only been jamming together since last Summer), these guys are all seasoned pro’s with at least a decade worth of experience under each of their belts.


Band members Jon Siembieda, Hunter Ackerman and Brian Lara helping those in need.

After a handful of successful live shows late last year (including the House of Blues in Hollywood), Hunter and The Dirty Jacks were approached by Harvelle’s in Santa Monica for a weekly residency—2 sets every Tuesday night.

The band eagerly accepted and decided to dedicate their residency to raising money and canned goods for a couple of terrific local charities including Feed Your Soul, which feeds homeless adults and kids throughout Los Angeles.

Every Tuesday night, proceeds from the $5 cover (bringing two cans of non-perishable food in place of the cover charge works as well) go directly to help prepare meals for displaced individuals and families.  The band even has their own signature drink available at the bar: the “Dirty Jack” is Jack Daniel’s with a splash of Coke and Chambord—a raspberry liqueur.  Goes down smoooooth; we know ’cause we’ve had a few.  Best part is, a portion of the proceeds from every drink ordered benefits the charity!

What we love most about Hunter & The Dirty Jacks is that they take their commitment to helping out the homeless even further—by actually visiting a local shelter every Sunday to help prepare a dinner that feeds over 200 people.

We joined the guys at the shelter one night and it was amazing to see the band’s donation of time and cash to help all sorts of people get a much-needed, delicious meal. This extra effort only solidified our appreciation. Hunter & The Dirty Jacks are solid gold, both on and off the stage.

Hunter Ackerman: stirring vocalist one minute, stirring spaghetti sauce the next.

Hunter Ackerman: stirring vocalist one minute, stirring sauce the next.

On-stage, frontman Hunter Ackerman is fantastically charismatic and transforms from impassioned vocalist to acoustic strumming bluesman to a rock&roll maniac who plays his own massive floor-tom with an assortment of mallots and drum-sticks he keeps in a holster strapped to his side.

The entire band is as tight as a signature Katy Perry tubetop, combining catchy originals with awesome takes on legendary covers.  And they just keep playing, with multiple 90-minute sets that keep people dancing for hours.  Do yourselves a favor and get over to Harvelle’s on Tuesday nights and check out Hunter & The Dirty Jacks. The band is excellent, the drinks are friendly, and the fun feels good ’cause it’s doing good for the neighborhood.

CLICK HERE to check out our video interview with Hunter & The Dirty Jacks.

Keep up with Hunter & The Dirty Jacks: website / email / Facebook / Twitter  


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