Band Review — Ocelot Robot and Chris Allen Band

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January 21, 2013 by shockboxtv


It was like blastin off into outer space last night at Brennan’s Pub on Lincoln in Marina del Rey!  One of our favorite bands Ocelot Robot played a coupla wild & woolly sets of funtime covers executed with precision and a high-octane dose of horseplay.  Before that tho: singer-songwriter Chris Allen and his band opened the show with emotive, well-crafted originals including “Set Me Free”, a single from his upcoming album.  Chris does guitars and vocals, helped out by the utterly amazing Anthony Mancini (gtr), Mike Turco (drms), Ed Fohrman (kbrds) and Aaron Dowler (bss.)  Singer Kellyn Robison was called up early in the set to lend her pipes and she added a lot to the songs.  Chris always gets the prettiest girls to join him onstage.

Next up was Ocelot Robot, a band that always makes a party happen wherever they find themselves. Brennan’s is more known for its Thursday Night Turtle Races than its stage but the Robots just came in and took care of making the show happen!  Lead singer David (+gtrs) rolled through a bunch a great covers with his mates Nate (gtrs), Marc (bss, fresh off a Two Door Cinema tour!) and Geoff (drms) as a fun diversion from their usual all-original sets.  No matter, as Ocelot R stamped their signature sound on the hits and made them their own.  Nate and Marc, neither restrained with cords, made the entire pub their stage (including Marc’s foray in the men’s room to confirm it is indeed within range.) Smithwick’s on tap was flowing freely (into my glass, at least) and a great time was had by all. Here’s some snaps:

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