Kick A$$ Band of the Week — Wonderfox

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January 15, 2013 by shockboxtv

2013-Logo-v16Loving the tunes and vibe radiating off this week’s Kick A$$ Band… Wonderfox, an aptly named LA-based band that’s the best of spice and passion from south o’ the border, smoothly blended with electrified 100% American rock & ROLL!  Hard to peg down?  Sure.  But one look and one listen is all you need to get this band and its appeal.

Just put a guitar in Colombia-native lead singer Isabel Valencia’s beautiful hands and you got me.  Wow!  Then hear her sing and it’s like wow-squared-then-cubed.  Her voice is smokey and silky-smooth like the best single malt… and just as easy to get hooked on.  She plays great and yeah, she looks great playin it.  But the beauty is SO, SO much deeper than just the skin here.  Isabel sings with Latin passion imbued with soul.  There’s just nothing else like her out there right now.

Wonderfox, from their FB page. Click to check them out!

It’s great to watch/hear Ms. Valencia do her thing as the driving creative force of Wonderfox but her strong, talented co-musicians hold their own: Tiago D’errico (gtrs), Freddy Aguirre (bss) and Fernando Jaramillo (drms.)

Their latest EP, “Juegos Mentales” was recorded and produced by Tiago D’Errico, mastered by engineer Robert Vosgien.  Wonderfox has been playing all over Hollywood so they are super busy keeping the music fresh and the shows wild.

Check out their video Final, it’s hot and I could watch it over and over again. Seriously.  It’s worth it, I’m telling ya.  Here’s their FB and website too, with tons of cool pics and links to 3 of their songs right on the site.  Check ’em out!

All the songs I’ve heard from the band are in Spanish so I’m wondering if Wonderfox also sings songs in English.  Or maybe I just gotta learn some Spanish.  All I know is listening to Wonderfox makes me want to become fluent.

Isabel Valencia of Wonderfox. Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg.

Isabel Valencia of Wonderfox. Photo by Rebecca Adler Rotenberg.


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