JT POV 1/12 — Goin’ for the Dream… Whatever it Takes

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January 12, 2013 by shockboxtv

JTPOV-Logo-v1Hey everybody, James again.  Something cool happened today, at least I think so.  I was buying groceries… but that’s not the cool part.  I noticed the checker as I waited in line, somebody I hadn’t seen before.  He looked just like a musician, working at his day job, helping folks get their weekly provisions.  He was totally competent in the role, flashing the UPC codes on my stuff with lightning speed guitaristover that red criss-crossy laser scanner thing.  But he was bored; you could feel it.  So I asked him if he was in a band.  If he wasn’t, we’d just share an awkward moment before he bags my groceries and I’m on my way.  The guy’s eyes shone bright for the first time as he told me he was.  I  asked if he was playing around town and we chatted for a bit; all the while the checker, whose name was Adam, didn’t miss a beat on helping me get my bread and milk and peanut butter in the paper bag while smoothly and simultaneously telling me all about his music project, clearly his passion.  Adam’s a guitarist working on a new EP with his band (not gonna say who it is yet tho) and they’re looking for a new bassist. I gave Adam my card and told him a little about what I do, too.  Anyway, the part that’s cool is that Matt and I created ShockBoxTV to promote and celebrate people like Adam, who work hard, doing whatever it takes to pay the bills so they can go for the dream of playing music pro.  And Adam was able to pitch me on his band and himself in the 2 minutes it took to check out my groceries.  So that’s cool.  And no matter what, I’m gonna go see Adam and his band play sometime and promote the crap out of it.  Feel free to drop me a line at james@shockboxtv.com. 


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