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January 9, 2013 by shockboxtv

I dig working out year round, but I find even more enjoyment in this age-old habit during the month of January because of the added inspiration associated with “New Year’s Resolutions.”


It’s during this time that I find more pleasure in the little things like pulling on my running shoes, working into place those trusty earbuds, zipping up my favorite hoodie and finishing off with a pair of classic aviators (I live in Southern California where sunglasses [gratefully] are needed year round).

My “pre-game” ritual is always completed by flipping through a freshly updated playlist to find the perfect tune that is worthy of leading me into the ring for the championship bout.

Now, like most people I know, my playlist is always evolving, especially with all the great indie music making its way into the mainstream via social media.

This week I am charging into the ring with tunes from three incredible bands, Wayland (our latest Kick A$$ Band of the Week), Back Pocket Memory (featured in a recent “On Tha Beat!” segment), and Vintage Trouble (our very first Kick A$$ Band of the Week).

These bands truly know how to rock and their music motivates me to head out the door and grind through the first couple of gears of my daily run, even as the stiffness in my joints reminds me that I am not the heavyweight champion of the world. At least, not yet.

If “working out” is on your list of new year’s resolutions, I suggest the following tunes be added to the top of your playlist asap… “Welcome to My Head” by Wayland, “Catapult” by Back Pocket Memory, and “Blues Hand Me Down” by Vintage Trouble.

Other tunes on my playlist this week (perfect for 4th and 5th gear of my run) include “Lose Myself” by Toy bombs, “Lumiêre” by Eyes Lips Eyes, “Dirty Lies” by The Heavy Heavy Hearts, “No One Left” by Ocelot Robot, “Escape” by Kongos, and “The Way I See” by Max and the Moon.

What’s on your playlist this week?

Peace. Love. Rock ‘n Roll. – MP


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