Do YOU Know a Kick A$$ Band?

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January 7, 2013 by shockboxtv

2013-Logo-v16Welcome to an all-new format of Kick A$$ Band of the Week!  We’re going to feature music artists from all over the world in a weekly segment right here on our blog, launching EVERY Monday night.  Sure, you can count on getting a heads-up on the best new independent music– but it takes more than raw talent to be a Kick A$$ Band of the Week!  We are choosing bands that play great music AND WORK HARD to get their music and personalities out to fans via social media interaction and other unique ways.  Kick A$$ Bands set themselves up for success by making it easy to see and hear them through any combination of 1) independently-produced tracks and videos, 2) frequently updated newsfeeds with pics and vids of the band at work and play, 3) bios and fan-outreach by members of the band and 4) Live Shows, at home or on tour.  Just sayin’, that’s how bands get thousands of FB and Twitter followers and build themselves a dedicated fan-base.  So take a second to check out the links we put up when we feature these music artists, because seeing ideas on how others are doing it might just inspire you.  Maybe you’ll just hear some cool new music… either way’s a win, right?  If you play in a band and want to be considered for an upcoming KABW (Kick A$$ Band of the Week), email some links to me, James Tuverson =  Stay tuned for tonight’s first 2013 Kick A$$ Band of the Week!


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