Band Review 1/4 — Back Pocket Memory


January 5, 2013 by shockboxtv

Band-Review-Badge-v1Yow, we had a blast last night at the world-famous House of Blues on Sunset Blvd.  We rolled out to “The Strip” to see Back Pocket Memory and ended up seeing a bunch o’ great bands at this legendary venue!  We knew we were in for a treat when we heard it was a Kelly McGarry Productions show.  McGarry is an incredibly talented actor/dancer/rock

Back Pocket Memory at the House of Blues in Los Angeles

Back Pocket Memory at the House of Blues in Los Angeles

show promoter; we were super-excited to meet her, since we have been hearing about her company putting on hot shows all over town.  Anyways, we were there to see Back Pocket Memory and even got a quick interview with the band before the show (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE INTERVIEW!)  These guys were so cool and lowkey in the interview, but once they went onstage they got insane!  When they played “Catapult” everybody went ballsout ballistic.  Matt got that dreamy look in his eyes he gets when he talks about his girlfriend.  We loved watching BPM’s show, hated spending $12 for a plastic cup of beer.  But it was a free show so we’re not complaining (much.)  We put together a cool gallery of pics from the show (BEST LIGHTING ANYWHERE!) so check it out.  Back Pocket Memory’s writing a bunch of new music too so we’re excited about keeping tabs on them as they keep rockin our faces!  Email me if you want…


2 thoughts on “Band Review 1/4 — Back Pocket Memory

  1. […] CLICK HERE to check out our recent blog review of Back Pocket Memory (@bckpcktmmry) from last week’s show at House of Blues Hollywood (@HOBSunset). This band = ROCKS and we had a blast at the show! Check out the segment below, enjoy the interview, and share the link on your Facebook & Twitter if you’re a fan of this incredible band. ROCK ‘N ROLL! […]

  2. […] of Blues in Hollywood, courtesy of Kelly McGarry Productions.  Static Pulse played on a bill with Back Pocket Memory; we came to see BPM and got an extra treat with Static Pulse, too. This is a band that’s […]

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