JT POV 12/7 — A Mountain of Toys!

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December 7, 2012 by shockboxtv

JTPOV-Logo-v1What a evening last night.  As the smoke still curls upward from a stained and charred battlefield, all sides are nothing but victorious. Three bands took to the stage last night at Busby’s East to play their fingers raw and bloody for the ShockBox Holiday Music Festival and Toy Drive.  2 DJs spun their guts out keeping the show moving at a feverish, high-adrenaline pace.  People danced until they were drenched with sweat, mainly because they were wearing ugly Christmas sweaters for the contest.  The specially-concocted drink for the occasion was a variation on a vodka gimlet with a shocking spritz of Red Bull and grenadine– aptly named “the Spark of Love” after the organization benefiting from the event. But all that doesn’t matter as much as this picture below.  Hundreds of toys, a mountain of toys… a Toy Village.  Toys that kids will receive on Christmas Day, delivered by fire fighters who go to homeless shelters, children’s homes and families living below the poverty line.  All those situations have kids who find themselves there through no fault of their own.  All those kids will receive a Christmas gift this year, a present that might be the only one they get.  We didn’t cure cancer last night.  But we did gather a bunch of cool, generous people who each went out of their way to buy a present for some child they don’t even know.  I’m super-proud of the bands, the DJs, the volunteers and the guests of last nights Music Festival.  We’ll be reporting in-depth details of the evening in the coming weeks as we sift through the extensive media taken at the event.  We’ll spotlight performances of the bands and DJs but also the talents of the army of photographers, videographers and event specialists who donated their time and talent to capture the Festival digitally for all eternity.  Thank you to everybody who showed up and made a huge difference.



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