JT POV 12/5 — Like, 24 Hours ’til the Holiday Music Festival & Toy Drive

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December 5, 2012 by shockboxtv


Ocelot Robot

Ocelot Robot

Oh, man.  I am so excited! We’ve been working non-stop to get ready for the Big Event tomorrow night… we’re hosting of our first Benefit Concert and Toy Drive, to raise a sleigh full of toys for “Spark of Love,” the fire fighters who deliver toys to underprivileged kids at Christmas.  Did you

Sound Cannon

Sound Cannon


The Heavy Heavy Hearts

know that there are ALWAYS more kids than there are toys to go around?  Well, this year we at ShockBox TV are gonna make sure a few hundred kids get something cool to open, kids that otherwise wouldn’t have anything for the Holidays at all.  We’ve got an amazing lineup of bands that are amped to put on the most excellent show of their careers– Ocelot Robot, The Heavy Heavy Hearts and Sound Cannon.  Each of these bands took the time to put together videos introducing themselves and promoting the show… when you have that kind of energy and enthusiasm attached to a gig, you can bet it’s gonna be one for the record books!  We’ll be webcasting part of the performances live on Ustream and the link is http://ustre.am/RqZC.  Here’s some links introducing you to each of the bands and their music:

OCELOT ROBOT: Facebook Page, Intro Video and Free Music

THE HEAVY HEAVY HEARTS: Facebook Page, Intro Video and Free Music

SOUND CANNON: Facebook Page, Intro Video and Free Music


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