JT POV 12/4 — “Toy Bombs” Blows Up Good

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December 4, 2012 by shockboxtv

JTPOV-Logo-v1Yes.  The above might be the worst headline ever.  It’s 1:45 a.m, though, so I’m not changing it.  Matt and I saw “Toy Bombs” tonight in Santa Monica, at the Central SAPC (that stands for Social Aid and Pleasure Club, which is a weird name for a very cool bar.) We’ve had our eye

Brandon McBride of Toy Bombs

Brandon McBride of Toy Bombs

on these Salt Lake City natives for a while now, featuring them in one of our first Kick A$$ Band of the Week segments and rooting them on through a tour and recording a new EP.  The band spotlights duo Cole Barnson (guitars) and Brandon McBride (pretty much everything), who played catchy, upbeat numbers to a full house all a dancin’.  The band was great to listen to, and to watch.  Prater got an interview with the guys which we’ll put up real soon.  More info on “Toy Bombs” here.  We also passed out a coupla flyers for our Holiday Music Fest on Thursday (I am totally going to win the Outrageous Holiday Sweater Contest) so it was a good night.


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