JT POV 12/1 — Mandolins

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December 2, 2012 by shockboxtv

JTPOV-Logo-v1I’ve loved hearing mandolins in music since Jimmy Page https://i1.wp.com/www.musicwithease.com/mandolin.gifplayed one in “The Battle of Evermore” back on the Untitled 4 Symbols Led Zep album.  Of course, mandolins were around in music for a few years before that, if someone were to believe the Internet.  Those cool little mini guitars have 8 strings– 4 pairs of 2 adjacent strings that are doubled, that is, tuned to the same pitch.  Here’s a list of rock/mainstream songs that have mandolins in them.  Looks like you can get one online starting at $50, so almost anyone can make the investment to try it.  I got a Learn-The-Mandolin Kit one Christmas with a mandolin, case, extra strings and tuner for $80 a couple years ago. I’d love to see some cool pictures of mandolins if you got ’em! Here’s a link to a lesson on how to play “Battle of Evermore” on the mandolin, but I also like this video of a young guy rockin out and playing the song.


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