JT POV 11/30 — Plannin’ a Big Party at Busby’s East

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November 30, 2012 by shockboxtv

JTPOV-Logo-v1It’s been a crazy few days for Matt and me, planning our first-of-many live concerts — SHOCKBOXTV’S HOLIDAY MUSIC FESTIVAL AND TOY DRIVE.  Matt’s actually produced many showsSpark_of_Love-Logo like this on his own, so he knows how to throw a great party.  We got three amazing Bands together– Ocelot Robot, The Heavy Heavy Hearts and Sound Cannon— bands whose shows we’ve recently seen and who blew us away with their talent and showmanship.  We have 2 incredible female DJs — DJ Fembot and DJ Dutche$$ — who have sexy, exciting grooves.  We’re gonna have an Outrageous Holiday Sweater Contest with prizes. We are trying to get ABC TV to come partyout and cover the event, too!  We doing it all to benefit “Spark of Love“, the organization created by Los Angeles Fire Department and ABC Channel 7 to have fire fighters deliver toys on Christmas Day to kids who would otherwise have no presents to open.  It’s a great cause, one we can really stand behind and urge our friends to participate in.  So please come if you possibly can!


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