JT POV 11/27 — Interview with a ShockBoxer

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November 27, 2012 by shockboxtv

Anonymous Interviewer:  Thanks for taking a moment to speak to us, James.

James:  No problem.

Anonymous Interviewer:  Would you be able to tell us a little about ShockBoxTV?

James:  Sure. ShockBoxTV is a content website that’s all about independent music, and the people who love it.

Anonymous Interviewer:  Hmmm. Intriguing.

James:  What you see on the website comes from the audience. Our first weekly show, “Kick A$$ Band of the Week”, focuses on indie musicians from all over the world. Host Matt Prater picks one band a week from his journeys on the Internet and from submissions.

Anonymous Interviewer:  Sounds awesome.

James:  It is.  Our second show, “On Tha Beat”, focuses on bands playing in the Los Angeles area, because that’s where we live.  Whenever someone invites us to a show, we try to go and interview the bands that are playing that night.  We’re hoping to get ShockBoxTV street teams who will eventually let us cover events outside Southern California.

Anonymous Interviewer:  How do bands get you to come out and see their performances?

James: Just by asking.  And giving us as much notice as possible. If we’re not doing something else, we’ll come out.

Anonymous Interviewer:  They don’t have to pay anything?

James: Of course not.  We like free passes to the show, though.  Even if we can’t make it out, we’ll promote the event and show our support for hard-working bands.

Anonymous Interviewer: What if you go see a band and you don’t like them, for some reason?

James: Heh, there aren’t very many bands we “don’t like”, musically.  Matt and I have a tremendous amount of respect for artists who perform live.  If we don’t care for something, we just don’t cover it. We’re all about encouraging and supporting bands, not critiquing their performances.  It’s all about having a good time, right?

Anonymous Interviewer:  Right.  Well, we’re past the 200 word limit for this blog post. So see ya, James.

James:  See ya!

Anonymous Interviewer:


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