JT POV 11/20 — “Max and the Moon” Blast Off!

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November 20, 2012 by shockboxtv

You gotta check out this band, “Max and the Moon”.

John Velasquez (guitar, vocals)

We’ve featured them in this week’s Kick A$$ Band of the Week  after catching their headlining show at the Satellite in Silverlake earlier this month.  They put on an excellent show with tons of energy, enthusiasm and pure talent—just what we like to see!  The place was packed to the rafters and we will def be seeing them again when they perform.  Max and the Moon have an awesome

Zachariah Weaver (bass)

video for their song “Out of My Head”, an adventure that looks like it cost a bundle to make (check out a piece in our Band of the Week video!)  It’s a single from their ep, “The Way I See”. They have another ep in

Matt Couchois (keys, vocals)

the works for 2013 and an aggressive touring sked, too.  It’s clear these guys really put the work into making the band–it’s about more than just writing great songs, it’s performing and interacting with fans.  Here’s a recent feature article on Max and the Moon from OC Weekly.  We’re gonna keep our eyes on this band fo sho!

Dillon Couchois (drums)


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