JT POV 11/18 — Sharin’ the Warmth on a Rainy L.A. Night


November 18, 2012 by shockboxtv

Matt and I rolled out to Hollywood last night to support our friend Betty Elektro of Elektro-PR with her annual charity event, Share The Warmth, which raises money and donations of warm clothes to give to homeless kids through Safe Place for Youth, a shelter in Venice, CA.

Matt with Betty Elektro of Elektro-PR

Despite the rain (there were several drops falling, causing drivers to go into panic paralysis mode) people filled the Blipsy BAR-cade, a cool little joint that features cheap beer and old-school arcade games.  DJs spun wax throughout the night as I got high scores on Galaga and Centipede (ok, 4th place on Centipede but still.)  Matt chatted up the DJs and Betty circulated diligently, making sure everyone knew each other and had a great time.  We love covering events that

Progressive House DJ SciFiDie does his thing

combine MUSIC and HELPING CAUSES, especially ones that directly benefit KIDS.  Not sure what the final take of the evening was , but we did see a humungo pile of hats, gloves, scarves and blankets that people brought as donations.  Please check out Betty’s info pages–she focuses on indie bands that she’s passionate about, and it shows!


One thought on “JT POV 11/18 — Sharin’ the Warmth on a Rainy L.A. Night

  1. Thanks for the support!!

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