JT POV 11/17 — The Audience

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November 17, 2012 by shockboxtv

I love watching musicians and bands play more than anything… feeling that vibe when musicians try to put on a good show and they deliver, working together and having a blast.  The audience is partially responsible to make it a good show, tho.  Enthusiasm and encouragement fuels most bands into powerhouses.  Playing to a dead audience is a little sad for everybody, I think.

I like getting right up in front, even if not the whole time, just a little bit.  A close up view means everything, seeing the band sweat and swear and laugh and get through the set.  Sometimes I’ll get right in front of the speakers so the sound pressure of the music can push me back.  Heh, hard on the ears but sometimes that’s just how I roll.

Tonight we’re checking out a cool gig, Elektro-PR’s 1st Annual Share The Warmth Charity Event.  They’re raising money to buy warm clothes for people who need them. Donations Needed: Gloves, Scarves, Packs of Socks, Hoodies
Benefiting Homeless Youth From Safe Place For Youth in Venice
21+ to get into the bar.  Music Provided By:

SKINBOT  9pm-10pm
SCIFIDE  10pm-11pm

Go and if you do, come up and say hi!


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