JT POV 11/16 — Amazing Night for Sound Cannon at Hollywood Music & Media Awards


November 16, 2012 by shockboxtv

Gotta get this out now, just too excited to wait!  We checked out the Hollywood Music & Media Awards tonight at the Fonda Theater, smack dab in the middle o Hollywood.  Cool venue, awkwardly small press line for

Sound Cannon (l-r): Max D’Anda (drums), Jared Hara (guitar), ShockBoxTV’s Matt Prater, Mike Campbell (vocals) and Nate Anderson (bass.)

the red carpet tho.  Saw the band Sound Cannon as they played their song “When Will It End”, which was nominated for an award– and the band won!  These guys are so cool & fun and their music’s so effin’ excellent, we’re gonna keep track of them as they rocket into stardom.  We also met another very cool artist, Gatlin Beach, who had his song “The Life” up for an award in the Rap/Hip-Hop category.  No word on how Gatlin did yet but we’re expecting some big things from him in the future, too.  These artists are working their a$$es off, supporting their fans with new music

Rapper Gatlin Beach and Matt Prater have a convo.

and giving fans tons of ways to interact with them on FB, Twitter, etc.  THAT’S what bands need to do to make it!!  And ShockBoxTV is about helping bands who wanna put the effort into putting themselves and their music in front of their fans.  So reach out sometime and say hi, james@shockboxtv.com.  Talk soon!!


One thought on “JT POV 11/16 — Amazing Night for Sound Cannon at Hollywood Music & Media Awards

  1. […] 11/15/12- SOUND CANNON TAKES BEST ROCK SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD AT 2012 HMMA’S!  Tonight at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood Ca. TT Records recording artist Sound Cannon not only performed their hit song “When Will It End” but also came away with the coveted HMMA Award for the years best rock song for “When Will It End”.  Check out one of the many news outlets who covered the bands win here! https://shockboxtv.wordpress.com/2012/11/16/jt-pov-1116-amazing-night-for-sound-cannon-at-hollywood-m… […]

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