JT POV 11/15 — Music & Media, and oh yeah, FOOD

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November 15, 2012 by shockboxtv

Whoa, I’m sorry I couldn’t get a JT POV post out yesterday. So many things to do… but I’ll try even harder to keep posting this little bit of ShockBoxTV every day.  Right now Matt and I are getting ready to cover tonight’s Hollywood Music in Media Awards, a very cool event at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood.  ShockBoxTV earned a place on the red carpet, right along side all the Hollywood Paparazzi, those aggressive dudes famous for jostling their way into snapping candid pictures of celebs showing off their hootchies. I’ll be behind the lens so I will certainly keep my eyes open… the band Sound Cannon is up for an award at the event; this awesome 4-piece rock band has been on fire lately…. we got a cool interview with them in one of our “On Tha Beat” shows so check it out!  One more thing: we’re working on a special project, something cool and different and featuring YOU, if you want to get involved.  Think about FOOD that you associate with your music.  Maybe it’s the pizza with strange toppings you always order during rehearsal, or a comfort food you always order at Denny’s whenever you’re on the road and thinking of home. Whatever it is, TELL US.  If you have a specific recipe, send it as well, but you don’t need to. Email us at ShockBoxTV@gmail.com by the end of November!


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