JT POV 11/8 — Witz End is Awesome

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November 9, 2012 by shockboxtv

posting nice and early from now on ’cause Matt asked me to, and I’ll basically do anything for my bro bro. Makes sense to have a little POV with your morning coffee, anyways, right?  Went to Witz End on Lincoln in Venice last night, and super-cool spot with a huge room, great stage, excellent food and cool drinks like a blueberry Mojito. We def wanna go back and hang out on the couch on the second floor loft overlooking the whole place. Jeb the owner is way cool and has like a hundred HD cams all over to film kick ass shows.  Woof!  A central monitor console captures all the vid and audio. Might try webcasting live from there soon!  Saw Jeff Curtis and his band play, great rhythms and a screamin’ cherry red Les Paul.  Our buddy Harley plays bass and he’s great to watch and listen to, a real showman with man-sized sideburns. They did a cover of the Stones’ “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” that brought the barn down, no kidding.  All together a GREAT NIGHT.

HEY BANDS: Check out our calendar and let us know where and when you’re playing around Los Angeles! I’m james@shockboxtv.com


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