2012 Ocelot Robot Film Festival — 1st Place Music Video!

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October 22, 2012 by shockboxtv

Ocelot Robot @ the 2012 Ocelot Robot Film Fest

The house was rockin’ at Busby’s East in Hollywood last Thursday night, as SHOCKBOX TV covered the event EXCLUSIVELY with a night of great live music intermixed with short films and music videos from all around the world. Entrepreneur rock band Ocelot Robot has put this event together for its 2nd year, and it looks like it’s gonna just

David and Nate from Ocelot Robot

skyrocket from here. Sexy sonic siren DJ Fembot spun discs as the event ramped up; hightlights included performances by Randy Michael and the Sharp Dressed Lads, SK4MC, Don Gator Band and the illustrious hosts Ocelot Robot. Don Gator, the “King of

Don Gator on stage at the 2012 Ocelot Robot Film Festival

Spy Rock” who flew out from NYC with his band for the event, brought down the house with a shirtless performance (guy looks like a Calvin Klein model) introducing his unique brand of “Spy Rock” which got everybody feelin’ all James Bond-ish, before James Bond started looking like Daniel Craig = A Grampa. Gator also won the Best Music Video Award for their video “My Love at MI6” which you gotta watch below. Best Short Film Award went to “I, Pet Goat, II” which you can check out by going here. An awesome time was had by all; ShockBox TV host Matt Prater got a ton of interviews that we’ll roll out ASAP!

BEST MUSIC VIDEO WINNER — Don Gator – “My Love at MI6”


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